Indie Sponsored - 04 April 2010
Author:Rich Ball

In a curious take on advertising, Old Spice has collaborated to release three indie games for the Xbox 360.

In Newton vs The Horde (RB Games) you use an arsenal of weapons, including Old Spice (naturally), to keep the zombie Stinkies from destroying all the freshness in the world. In The Fresh Card Game (Canned Games) you play to the last deodorant stick to be “the freshest,” which should appeal to fans of both online poker and, well, deodorant. And in Old Spice Racers (Monkeytrapgames), you whip through 45 levels of side-scrolling arcade against up to 8 players on XBL.

As of this posting, no one has yet rated these new titles (or purchased them?). Of course Old Spice isn’t the first brand to advertise with Xbox games (remember Big Bumpin’?), and at 240 MSP each to play what is essentially an interactive commercial, it remains to be seen how successful this new ploy will be. If Old Spice can conjure even marginal success, though, I’m sure we’ll see more brand-driven games.

UPDATE: A representative for the game contacted us to clarify: “Old Spice did not develop these video games.  In fact, Old Spice and Wieden+Kennedy worked with Microsoft and the Dream.Build.Play competition to crowd-source video game development through their XNA Creators Club Online developer community. This is the first time a brand has ever engaged the independent developer community upfront – that means the independent developers work to create a game, and then they surprise us with the results.”

which should appeal to fans of both <a href=”“>online poker</a> and, well, deodorant


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