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This year at E3, THQ was showing off a plethora of titles, and several of them will be available on the Xbox 360. We took the tour, so read on for our thoughts and details on some of their newest games.

Despite showing off a half-dozen Xbox titles at E3, the THQ booth was headlined by two major titles: Homefront and Red Faction: Armageddon. On a side note, we were also able to confirm with our THQ rep that they will be releasing at least one Xbox Live Arcade title very soon.

Red Faction: Armageddon


The 4th installment in the series, Red Faction: Armageddon continues the fight on Mars. While most of the details are still slim, some of the notable features in this March 2011 title are the Magnet Gun and Nanoforge-repair. The Magnet gun is an experimental weapon allowing you to move objects across a map, and can be used to dispose of enemies. By shooting the first location, the area (i.e.  portion of a wall, a barricade, or any type of scenery) is selected to be projected towards your second location (as designated by your next shot). This can also be useful to help reshape a map.

The Nanoforge-repair is an ability that allows you to return items to their original pre-damaged state. One example of this would be to repair a barrier for something to hide behind. In the demonstration, the THQ rep came under heavy fire and destroyed part of a shipping container, only to jump inside and repair it. Doing this allowed him to reload his weapons and plan his next course of attack.

Look for Red Faction: Armageddon in March of 2011.



The next game to be released in conjunction with Kaos Studios, Homefront takes place in an occupied American wasteland. Yes, you heard that correctly, an occupied American wasteland. Wanting to give gamers a new experience, Kaos and THQ made the decision to bring the fight home. Shortly after the death of North Korea’s leader, his son takes over to unify Korea. After a ‘harmless’ satellite is launched into space, the entire United States is hit with an EMP and a subsequent invasion. Where the game goes from there is up to you. One of the notable things in the gameplay demonstration was the introduction of the Goliath, a remote-controlled tank with a barrage of weapons.

While the game is still in development, the gameplay looked rather sharp, and we’re sure to expect more details as the game progresses along. Look for Homefront in February of 2011.

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