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image The Digest: An interesting twist on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, this game provides nearly as much entertainment as the popular show.  Despite subpar graphics and some frame-rate issues, Pipeworks presents a title sure to keep you busy for hours.


RELEASE DATE: July 14, 2010
PUBLISHER: Spike Games
DEVELOPER: Pipeworks Software
PRICE: 800 MS Points
GENRE: Fighting

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Create your own and reenact favorite battles from Spike TV’s hit television show; Deadliest Warrior. This game will have you hack, slash and scream in either triumph or turmoil as you attempt to prove to everyone online and within your living room why your warrior is best. Besides, we all know that Pirates > Ninjas.


  • Avatar Awards
  • Addictive Game Play
  • Eight Historic Warriors
  • Warrior Customization
  • Arcade & Online Modes


Every once a while, a rather alternative yet popular television show gets its own video-game adaptation which isn’t targeted at either the casual audience or kids. Nevertheless as history proves itself, they either become budget titles or are removed from existence such as the recent upset; 1 vs 100. However this is all about to change! Now I am not going to lie, the main reason behind my attention for this game was not because I am a fan of the show but because the inner child within me wanted to watch a Pirate slash up a Ninja and end the internet debate. Now that my inner kid has been settled down, I can give you a complete review without being biased and screaming with childish glee about the available cast which features such historic icons as a Knight, Samurai, Roman Centurion and Apache.

First things first, let’s talk about the in-game graphics. Now I am going to be honest and try to find a word to positively comment on in-game graphics, yet all I can say is that this games graphics pay homage to Mortal Kombat. Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best way to describe it, but it certainly looks like it and this could be understandable since Midway had worked in the past with Spike Games to make the dreadful TNA iMPACT.


With that said and mentioned, the game is vibrant with colors both in combat and during animations, which is shocking really since most warriors taking part are all covered in armor. Along with that, the vast amount of blood splattered across the screen and painful looking limb damage is marvelous to watch, making each clash look even more devastating than the last. You almost feel the pain of your very own warrior as his head drops to the floor in one clean swipe! In spite of this games artistic approach, there are a few faults recognizable when on screen, including drops in frame rates and textures becoming out of place in backgrounds.

The controls alone are rather simple, allowing even the newest of players to be able to pick this game up. Your main controls are set around three buttons; long, medium and short range attack weapon attacks. For example, if you are a Spartan and wish to hurl your huge spear right at the start while crying “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” you would push B and hope it impales your foe’s forehead. Then again if you want to instead rush forward and use a powerful close range attacks, you would push a combo of A and X; with longer strings of button combinations causing greater injury on your unlucky victim. Since you will also take damage quickly, the ability to jump is not available in this game.


The camera and animation often depend on one another in fighting games and Deadliest Warrior is no exception to this. The camera works amazingly well and once again, I am reminded off another popular fighting series, Soul Calibur. Just like the fantastic Arcade title, if you stand too far apart, the camera becomes stretched out and remains centre. Yet if you get closer, it takes you deep into the action; letting you see the slashes happen in its own gory manner. Character animation itself is simple, yet flows quickly like the action taking place on screen… However your selected warrior only has one animation for when entering and leaving a match, so it could get repetitive at times.

Alongside Single Player mode, you are also given the chance to go online and go head-to-head with fellow warriors of the world (this truly is where the fun begins…). Fun, if you put in the effort. Like with many fighting games; there are various difficulty settings along with Arcade and Practice mode. Whilst you might dominate on Easy or Normal mode, it would be advised that you visit these often, before you rage quit and scream down the mic. The game will punish you often for little mistakes, and reward you greatly for putting the time in and learning the vast techniques available. This isn’t like your typical Arcade fighter where you bash buttons together and hope that one of your cast mates shoots fire from his bare hands; you will have to learn the combos and use them to your advantage.


Conclusion: If you came looking for some easy achievement points and a worthless hack and slash title, you are in the wrong place. Spike Games has somehow managed to create a very complex fighting title from it’s rather cheesy television show. The game will reward you often, with some great looking avatar awards and upgrades for your selected warrior. Pick it up, stab it a few times and behead it before its family; Deadliest Warrior is a deep arcade title that shall keep you company during the long summer.

- Avatar Awards
– Often Challenging
– Fantastic warrior selection
- Frame-rate issues
– Sluggish Response times

Single Player: 3/5 | Multi-Player: 3/5

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