DLC Reviews - 21 July 2010
Author:Patrick Kortendick

image The Digest: A substantial add-on to the already-popular Worms, the Battle Pack provides a subtle refresh to the year-old title with new weapons, forts, missions and more. However, it may still leave you looking for more.


RELEASE DATE: July 7, 2010
PUBLISHER: Team 17 Software
DEVELOPER: Team 17 Software
GENRE: Action
ESRB RATING: “E” for Everyone
PRICE: 400 MS Points


The Worms 2: Armageddon Battle Pack is a new downloadable content pack on Xbox LIVE Arcade containing new weapons and utilities, a new single-player campaign, tons of crazy new customization features, new achievements and an all-new game mode amongst other upgrades to the original smash hit. The Body Count mode pits a single worm against a never-ending army of enemies. With 30 new singleplayer Deathmatches, new “Warzone” theme and a cluster of new weapons and utilities there is plenty to keep the average Wormer occupied.


  • Warzone Campaign – 30 all-new single-player Deathmatches (with an additional Achievement for completion)
  • Body Count Single Player Mode (one level per theme and one random level) with 7 Body Count Leaderboards
  • All new weapons: – The Three Ferrets, Termites, Marked For Death, Invisibility, Steal and Worship and an extra Achievement for the use of all new weapons
  • 10 all new Forts (includes 2 contest-winning Forts designed by Facebook Worms Fans)
  • Super Forts Game Style including ranked Leaderboard and an extra Achievement for winning a game on each new Fort
  • New Warzone Game Style
  • A range of new customization features; new voices and hats.
  • Additional color variants of all existing hats
  • Custom HUDs – ‘light-side’, ‘dark-side’ and ‘fire’
  • 40 new player titles
  • Custom particle sets for ‘light-side’ and ‘dark-side’ players
  • New game themes: – Warzone (all new), Arctic, London, Hawaii, Space, Hell,  Jungle

Single Player and Multiplayer Add-Ons

Note: Since Worms 2: Armageddon is very similar for both Single Player and Multiplayer, we’ve combined both sections into one for the purposes of review.

The Battle Pack presents many additions to Worms 2: Armageddon. On top of the 35 campaign levels already in the game, the new “Warzone” mode presents 30 levels of new single-player action. However (unlike the normal campaign), Warzone doesn’t substantially increase in difficulty as you go along. Starting off from Level 1, you’ll find yourself with just a few worms up against an army of around eight enemies. Even though they have considerably less health, it’s still challenging (and time-consuming) to defeat all of them and pass through the levels.

Also added in Single player is “Body Count,” where you attempt to kill as many enemy worms as possible before dying. Similar to traditional shooting games, multiple kills will result in a score multiplier, allowing you to rack up points more quickly. Body Count also includes leaderboards on Xbox Live to help you compete against your friends for the highest score.image

What’s a DLC pack for Worms without the addition of new weapons? The Battle Pack also introduces six new weapons to your character’s gamut:

  • Ferrets (released in a pack of three, they run ahead and explode)
  • Termites (help you tunnel down)
  • Marked for Death (selects an enemy and doubles all damage done to them)
  • Worship (generates 2 health for each of your worms per turn, while taking 2 from each enemy)
  • Steal (allows you to steal an enemy weapon)
  • Invisibility (allows your worms to turn invisible)

Two of these weapons (Steal and Invisibility) are available with online play only. With the amount of weapons present from the original game, it’s interesting that Team 17 chose this path with those two, making local play seem even more like the original game. The integration of these weapons into Warzone is limited as well. To be honest, I was surprised at Team 17′s inclusion of so few new weapons. With a franchise built on such a variety of choices, it was surprising to see a small increase in the amount of creativity available for disposing of other worms.

imageAlso present in The Battle Pack is 10 new forts, 2 of which were picked by Team 17 contest winners. While they’re all pretty much the same thing, the variety of scenery does add a nice touch to the aging game.
The Battle Pack brings a considerable amount of content to Worms 2: Armageddon. While I was initially very enthused to add the DLC, the small amount of new weapons and feeling of a ‘lack of accomplishment’ in Warzone ultimately tipped the scale. Even though the price is cheap ($5), there’s just not enough new content to warrant a purchase, unless you are a die-hard fan of the franchise.

400 MSPFanboys Only

Want to read the original review? Check it out here. Special thanks to Team 17 for providing us with the content for review.


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