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Bing has recently launched a brand new service called Bing Rewards. Bing Rewards allows its users to earn unique reward points, by simply using the Bing search engine. Once you have earned enough points, you can look amongst the various items available in the Bing Reward selection, including Microsoft points and Xbox 360 Games.

Once you sign up with the toolbar, you’ll receive 250 Reward points for free, to spend on whatever you please. However this is where the really good news comes in! You can redeem 100 Reward points for 100 Microsoft points, meaning that you can receive at least 200 Microsoft points for absolutely free thanks to Bing. You can also earn more points for making Bing searches, as well as checking out their current promotions.

Please note that this service is available in the U.S. only.


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75 Responses to “Earn Microsoft Points with Bing”

  1. azumarill May 8, 2013

    Does this really work? I signed up and everything, hearing a rumor about free xbox live. It’s 600-something credits, but is it really worth the effort? Or will it take too long to actually get anywhere?

  2. sad brit October 2, 2012

    dont understand why this cant be made avalible to the rest of the world like the UK and europe (i also didnt know canada isnt included, lil unfair) as others have said, im sticking to google till bing gives me a reason to change….

  3. Great Another program only for Amaricans , what about canadians ? we are on the same continent ffs
    Guess i will stick with GOOGLE :)

  4. Robert July 11, 2012


  5. ohhh! I will try this next year when we move to US, thanks for this info! hope this is working in my country too!

  6. Since this was recently posted they have lowered the amount they give you on sign up to just 20 points so now you can’t get the Microsoft points as they cost 125 points to get.


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