Kinect Reviews - 14 November 2010
Author:Adam Shear

1405473-kadventures_box_large The Digest: Kinect Adventures is a really fun title which shows off the potential of the Kinect sensor. It’s a great pack-in, however it does not have enough content on the disc to keep the player invested for a long time.


RELEASE DATE: November 4, 2010
PUBLISHER:Microsoft Game Studios
DEVELOPER:Good Science Studio
ESRB RATING: “E” for Everyone
GENRE: Adventure, Minigames

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Kinect Adventures is a minigame compilation designed to show off different ways that Kinect can be used to make you the controller. Ride down roaring rapids, float through space, and use your reflexes to master the five different adventures included on the disc. Kinect Adventures comes with every new Kinect sensor so everyone who owns Kinect will be able to play it.


  • Included with every Kinect sensor
  • Conquer your way through five different minigames
  • Play with friends and family both offline and online
  • Share pictures of you playing through the web
  • Demos of other Kinect titles included on disc

To some degree, it is completely pointless to do a review of Kinect Adventures since if you’re buying Kinect, you’re getting this game anyway. Microsoft needed a pack in for Kinect to be worth the 150 bones it’s selling for. Kinect Adventures was a great choice for a pack in because it has something for everyone. Nintendo and Sony have sports compilations as their bundled games but not everyone likes sports. Kinect Adventures has different minigames that show off the potential of what Kinect is capable of. Is Kinect Adventures worth putting into your disc drive after plugging in Kinect?


Kinect Adventures has only five different minigames with a couple variations of those minigames. There is Rallyball which debuted when Kinect (known as Project Natal at the time) was first revealed. It is like the popular game brickbreaker only instead of a brick hitting the ball, you are using your body. The game is insanely fun and really shows off how accurate Kinect is at tracking your body. River Rush has you steering a raft while collecting adventure pins. You use your body to steer the raft and jump to get to hidden parts of each course. Again, the game is insanely fun and finding new paths to take increases re-playability. Reflex Ridge has you ducking, jumping and moving side to side to avoid obstacles in your path. This game is intense and once again really shows off the accuracy of Kinect. 20,000 Leaks has you plugging up holes in a glass cage that is submerged underwater with fish bumping into it and creating new holes. The game is a lot of fun but does require a lot of space to play. There were times where I had problems reaching towards the end of the screen simply because furniture was in the way or my hand could not move further as I was touching a wall. Space Pop is probably the most boring of the five minigames. You have to move backwards and forwards, left and right to collect bubbles. You flap your arms to float to collect bubbles that are over your head. Space Pop really shows off how accurate Kinect is at tracking the depth of the player.

Adventure Mode has you completing certain minigames in a row to win Living Statues which are statues of animals or people which you can edit by using your movement and voice. Only true adventurers get these statues which you get after completing parts of Adventure mode. You can then take these living statues and upload them to the web to share with friends. This can also be done with photos that Kinect Adventures automatically takes of you while playing all the games. Extra modes and achievements can also be unlocked through playing Adventure Mode. You can keep playing the minigames to improve your score or play with a friend whether they are in the same room or across the world. Online play in Kinect Adventures is flawless and you can even see your friend’s photos after each game.


There is a lot to do in Kinect Adventures, except when you get bored of the minigames. I’m so glad the game is a pack-in since it really shows off what makes Kinect so special. If the minigames don’t do it for you, you can also try out demos of Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved which are all included on the disc.


I really don’t know if the game is worth $50 but who cares, you’re getting it for free. You absolutely should play this game but I think you will get bored of it rather quickly if it is the only game you have. Make sure you get at least one or two other games with your new Kinect sensor because although Kinect Adventures is fun, it won’t have enough content to keep you satisfied but it should be played by anyone who picks up Kinect.

- All the minigames included with Kinect Adventures really show off the potential of the Kinect Sensor
- Great multiplayer fun whether it is online or off
- You can share pictures of you playing over the Internet
- Some games like 20,000 Leaks require more space to play than what most people will have
- Only fun if you are not bored of the minigames
- Not enough content to keep players from buying other Kinect titles

Single Player: 7/10 | Multi-Player: 8/10


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