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The Digest: The Deep Cave is another top notch indie game featuring platform gaming that will provide a fresh challenge to both veterans and newcomers to the genre.


RELEASE DATE: November 23, 2010
GENRE: Platformer


When a small boy spots a bright light he sets out on a quest to find its source in this challenging platform game.


  • Platforming action that proves a challenge for players of all skill levels.
  • Gravity flipping physics heighten the challenge once more.
  • Simple but enjoyable graphics and sounds.

The Deep Cave

It’s time for another indie review here at Xbox 360 Digest, and again we delve into the world of the platform game with The Deep Cave. The Deep Cave features a small boy who stumbles across a bright light emanating from a hole in the ground, being the sensible boy that Pi is he decides to jump down the hole in a quest to find the bright light.

After a small platforming section that teaches you the basics of the game Pi may come to regret his decision as he is swallowed by a giant worm. This is the point in the game where things become difficult, and by difficult I mean frustratingly difficult from the get go. The game features all the elements seen in most platformers such as deadly floors and enemies which are successfully used to make a game that’s challenging even for veterans of the genre.

Small things in the game can provide a huge challenge, for example I lost many lives trying to jump over some spikes just because there was an enemy moving on the other side. However this wasn’t difficult enough for the developer who decided after a few more levels it would be a good idea to reverse gravity and make me play upside down.
The Deep Cave
Neither I nor my character agreed with this decision as I had to sit and watch my death count move into higher and higher figures as the challenge proved to be too much. I was able only to complete another few levels before I was overwhelmed by difficulty and forced to give in before I broke something.

However while the challenge is too much for me, it may be perfect for fans of other games in the genre looking for a new challenge. I’m sure fans of games such as Super Meat Boy and our previously reviewed Panic Attack would enjoy The Deep Cave just as much and find it a good challenge at their skill level.

The Deep Cave does combine 2 elements from the previously mentioned games that I did quite enjoy, the graphics from Super Meat Boy and the sound from Panic Attack. The Deep Cave comes back again to simple 8-Bit graphics which fit well with the genre. The graphical style does remind me of Super Meat Boy with a grunge feel which again works perfectly with The Deep Cave. It also reminds me of Panic Attack in that both games feature a good solid soundtrack that can be enjoyed even when the main game is too difficult.

Conclusion: The Deep Cave is a solid platformer in multiple uses of the word, solid as in a fully functional and competent game but also solid in difficulty. Difficulty that proves to be a challenge for fans but maybe too much for new comers.

- Great challenge testing players of all abilities
– Enjoyable graphics and sounds that will please all fans of the genre
– More than worth its low 80 MSP selling point
- A little bit too challenging for some players

Single Player: 3/5 | Multi-Player: N/A

Special thanks to Jijaweb for providing us with a copy of the game for review.

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