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The Digest: Within the recycled environments and short completion time, players of Dead Space 2: Severed will find a surprisingly great add-on. Severed is short, sweet and just as intense as the main game. If you’re looking for just a bit more Dead Space 2 in your life, and you’re not quite ready to take on Hard Core mode, look no further!


RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2011
PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
DEVELOPER: Visceral Games
ESRB RATING: “M” for Mature
GENRE: Survival Horror


Your squad has been wiped out, leaving you as the only survivor. Trapped within the horrors of the Sprawl, with Necromorphs crawling everywhere, you’ve only got one goal in mind: Find your wife and get the hell out of there, whatever the cost.


  • Two new chapters.
  • New suits and weaponry.

Severed: Gabe Weller

There’s a lot of things Dead Space 2 was great for, whether it was the creepy environments, the large amount of enemy types, or a story that kept your attention throughout.

Dead Space 2: Severed, however only brings two of the three with it. You see, while there’s yet another new enemy brought with Severed, and the storyline behind it is heartbreaking and touching , the environments are almost completely taken for Dead Space 2’s main game. You could walk into just about every single room in the two chapters, and remember exactly what point it was in from the main campaign. My first playthrough of Severed consisted of me saying this like “I’ve been here before,” “Oh jeez, not this room,” and “These rooms are completely out of order!” Some environments are also taken from the multiplayer mode of Dead Space 2, as well.

While it’s disappointing that these environments were spat out again for us to go though, there’s a small sense fear when realizing what room’s coming up next. You open the door and see what’s inside, you’ll start remembering what was in the room last time. You’ve had some bad memories when going through this room before as Isaac, and who knows what Gabe’s going to come across when he enters. Hopefully, it won’t be a Twitcher…

Severed: The Twitcher

Yes, the Twitcher. One of Dead Space 1’s scariest enemy types makes a comeback in Dead Space 2: Severed, and he’s somehow managed to become even scarier. Rather than coming at you in a straight line, he from left to right in the process, making him even tougher to kill than in Dead Space 1. The best part? He’s almost completely silent. The in-game music that’s supposed to play whenever an enemy starts approaching doesn’t even play until you’re looking directly at him, which makes his eventual attack even more unpredictable. If you’re the type that likes to look around every direction every few seconds or so after going down a hallway, you might be frightened to see a Twitcher charging at you that seemingly came out of nowhere.

As for the rest of the enemy types, they don’t get introduced one by one like the main game. Enemies such as the Pack, Crawlers and Stalkers just sort of appear relatively early in the chapters, without any true explanation. It’s understandable, since the DLC is pretty short, and you’ve (hopefully) already seen them all in Dead Space 2’s main game, but it sort of throws you off when you see the Pack appear within a good five minutes of the game starting. They’re also thrown at you in large herds, much more often that the main game. This wouldn’t be as annoying as it is, but your weapons are back to their stock settings, with no upgrades. Your favorite Plasma Cutter that was fully upgraded? You don’t get to use that here. Your special treat for beating Dead Space 2’s main game on Hard Core difficulty, however, does transfer.

Severed: Gabe's RIG

As for Severed’s storyline, there isn’t much to keep track of, but it does manage to keep your attention. In a nutshell, you’re Gabe Weller (from Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii and PS3). Your wife, Lexine, is in trouble, and you’ve got to help her. That’s it, really. There’s a few twists and turns in the story, of course, and while I won’t mention exactly what they are, there’s a few that are pretty predictable, and one that truly does catch you off guard.

The only thing that really bothered me story-wise was the transition between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Unlike walking around and magically entering the next chapter as in the main game, Severed has a short cutscene between chapters. It’s definitely not game-killing in the least, but it seems sort of off compared to the main game.

As an added bonus, when you purchase Dead Space 2: Severed, you’ll also receive Gabe’s security suit and seeker rifle for Isaac to use in the main game. His nifty one-eyed helmet, on the other hand, Isaac can’t wear. Boo!

Severed: Upside Down

Conclusion: The best thing I can compare Dead Space 2: Severed to is the Resident Evil 5 DLC. It’s got the same production quality and polish as the main game, but there’s less than an hour of gameplay in total. Some people may push away Severed solely based on the completion time, but really, is 560 Microsoft Points too much to ask for an extra serving of more Dead Space 2? I’m sure some of you out there bought Arcade games that you haven’t even touched.

The only major problem now is the long wait for a (hopefully) new DLC to come around the corner. Around a corner, kind of like a Stalker…

- Just as good as the main game.
– The Twitcher is the scariest Necromorph yet, aside from the Ubermorph.
– Story actually keeps your attention.
- Short.
– Recycled environments.
– Large amounts of enemies for stock weapons to handle from the very start.


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