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The Digest: A point and click episodic adventure: a genre not very prevalent in this day and age. Immerse yourself in an adventure that relies on your wit and creative thinking as your primary weapon.



RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2011
DEVELOPER: Domain of the Infinite
Price: 240 MS Points
GENRE: Adventure


Product Overview: Mind’s Eye of The Jupiter – Episode 3, is the final part of an episodic adventure trilogy. A series of downloadable episodes that can be downloaded for 240 MS points for each episode. Alice is on a final quest to talk to the tribune who is a powerful force that controls the future.


  • Alternative Endings
  • Some really nice looking environments
  • Unique Original Concept


Mind’s Eye of the Jupiter was originally a concept by Travis Rogers as a graphic novel. That idea changed and evolved as his vision would be fully realized in a videogame. The game is a trilogy episodic adventure and this is the 3rd and final episode of this three part adventure.

The creator of this adventure designed the game in an episodic nature, so there is some backstory when you first start; however you may feel a little lost in what exactly is going on at first glance if you haven’t played any other episodes. This is the flip side to doing an episodic adventure – if you haven’t jumped in the first couple episodes, you may be less inclined to jump in now on the final release.

Read on as I delve into that, and if this final episode is worth your time and money.

Mind’s Eye of the Jupiter is truly a first for Indie titles on the marketplace. There isn’t anything like it. Point and Click adventure games are really something rare all together. Domain of the Infinite had a vision to create a world with great 3D environments, a complex story, and simple puzzles.

If you’ve played the previous episodes you’ll feel right at home with the final episode. The gameplay all remains the same, and you get the simple puzzles, the great 3D environments and the conclusion to this story.

Episode 3 continues with the main character Alice Renee. Traveling, she must find her way to the tribune who is a powerful force responsible for the future. Previous episodes revealed the dream guide and nightmare guide. Both had intentions of their own, and guiding Alice towards making those decisions. It’s up to Alice to trust her will on what the right future is, and visiting the tribune will seal futures fate. The game starts off with you fast traveling to your destination in what looks like a Roman ancient setting and now the beginning of the final task at hand.

The game is played from a First person perspective as you interact with items and objects in the environment such as doors, switches and other objects. There isn’t any combat to speak of in the game. The game relies on puzzle solving, it’s the meat of the gameplay.

Because the puzzles are not very complex, and there isn’t any combat, you don’t need much skill to progress in this game. It instead relies on setting a tone of you being isolated and alone in your own shadows and using your mind and wit as your weapon.

Even though the game emphasizes puzzles and using your mind, the puzzles are fairly straight forward and not very difficult. Most of the puzzles can be done within a couple minutes or less.

The presentation is strong; sound effects are well done, you’ll hear wind blowing in the metropolis city scape levels which also feature some of the nicer environments in the game. Aurora Park looks gorgeous: The moving trains, eye catching vista of trees, beautiful looking grass that is subtly highlighted with shadows from the bridge above, as well as the great architecture of buildings within your distance really look great.

The game offers choices for the character. Each interaction with a character offers multiple conversation options. It doesn’t really go all in depth though as each option has a short-winded answer that doesn’t really extend a conversation much further. I appreciated some of the conversation dialogue in Mass Effect as there was dialogue that was open-ended that added replay-ability to the game. In this game the questions that are asked give you an answer and that’s the end of it. Some of the dialogue does try and add some humor as do some of the loading screens – although that does get a little stale and repetitive over time. I think it was nice to have conversation options in this indie title, and while I don’t expect it to be as deep as some other full retail games, it would of added some replay value to a game that feels like it falls a little short on length.

Domain of the Infinite conceptualized the idea behind this project to be a graphic novel. I think the game could have expanded a little more on that concept and I think there may of been a missed opportunity here to incorporate more of his ideas that he otherwise would have projected with a graphic novel.

I think when one makes a game like this it’s kind of difficult to review it as a single product. What you’re playing is an extension of previous episodes, and the whole adventure may be worth your time if you have invested in the first couple episodes. It’s not something I can recommend however for someone just diving in right now and playing episode 3. Episode 3 is a rather short experience that can be completed in an hour give or take.

Conclusion: The final episode of Mind’s Eye Jupiter was interesting and the universe and story was unique. But it’s difficult to recommend. The game is really short and doesn’t have much replay value. So asking to pay 240 points I think is a little much. The game also still kind of leaves you asking questions even when it’s all over.


-Unique Original Concept
– Great looking environments
– A genre rarely ventured
-240 Microsoft Points a episode
– Too short, lacks replay value
– Concept could have been more expansive

Single Player: 3/5 | Multi-Player: N/A

Special thanks to Domain of the Infinite for providing us with a copy of the game for review.

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