Kinect - 14 April 2011
Author:Adam Shear

After waiting several long months, the chance to finally use Netflix instant streaming with no controller is finally here.  Netflix now supports Kinect control.  To get the update, simply go to Netflix in the Video Marketplace and download the update.  Through Kinect you can play, fast forward, rewind, and pause your movies and TV shows with your hand or voice.  You can also use Kinect to navigate through a special recommendations section which displays movies and TV shows that Netflix thinks you will like based on previous viewing habits.   It’s disappointing that you can’t use Kinect through the whole Netflix application but what they have is good enough I guess.


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  1. Hopefully the UK will get an LoveFilm update which will hopefully be better than the LoveFilm app on the PS3.

  2. gonna use it later for sure

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